About Us

Director and Principal Research Scientist: Dr Karen Cosgrove (Ph.D.)

Karen specialises in environmental sociology.  She has a PhD Geography and Environmental Studies -Environmental Sociology, and an Honours Degree in Applied Sociology. 

Karen is a sociologist and has a varied experience as a consultant in government and private spheres. As a part of her PhD, Karen examined the relationships between governments and regional and remote communities undertaking natural resource management.

She has worked broadly across various fields of community based natural resource management, agriculture, pastoralism,  mining as well as public policy, health services, justice and legislation.  Projects have covered social impact assessments, community capacity building, community action - based natural resource management, vulnerability assessment of rural and remote communities  including Indigenous communities responding to climate change, farmers responses to rural adjustment, climate change, sustainable pastoralism and evaluation of government funded programs.  All of the projects employ applied principles of sociology including qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Film & Audio Manager: Steven Cosgrove (Bachelor of Media (Screen) (Hons.))

Steven has an Honours degree in Media (Major in Screen; Minor in Theatre).   Steven specialises in documentary making, corporate videos and short films. He has directed, produced and edited numerous short films over the past five years. 

Steven leads a film crew, whose most recent works were captured in two documentaries commissioned by Rangelands NRM Coordinating Group Western Australia that highlight the impacts of wild dog predation on the small livestock industry located in remote Queensland and the Southern Rangelands of Western Australia.

Current Works:   
’Yalgoo – Gateway to the Outback’  (filmed Yalgoo Shire, Western Australia)

Recent Works: 
Sustainable Pastoralism – Collaboration: A Way Forward (filmed Queensland)
Sustainable Pastoralism – The Bash (filmed Western Australia)